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Blinds in Falmouth  

Sublime, bespoke, shutters and blinds in Falmouth

If you’re a homeowner who values the balance of aesthetics and practicality, Sunset Shutters’ selection of blinds in Falmouth could be a wise investment. Not only do they add a modern and sophisticated touch to your decor, but they also offer a variety of benefits that can significantly improve your home’s atmosphere. 

These blinds have been engineered to help maintain the temperature inside your house all year round. They work to keep things cool during the hot summer months and warm during the colder winter season. By doing so, these blinds can help you reduce your reliance on heating and cooling systems, which can ultimately lead to long-term savings on your energy bills. 

Here at Sunset Shutters, we understand the importance of providing tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Our blinds are expertly crafted to precisely fit your windows, and our team of proficient technicians will oversee the installation process from start to finish. We guarantee that when you select Sunset Shutters, you will receive superior quality products and unparalleled customer care. 

Sunset shutters blinds in Falmouth

Blind Styles Available

Albaro Venetian Blinds

We take pride in our Albaro Venetian blind collection, which exudes the refined allure of genuine wood blinds, yet is meticulously fashioned from a robust and practical polyvinyl compound. This guarantees that the Albaro line can withstand the harshness of daily wear and tear, making it a practical option that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. 

Serino Venetian Blinds

Our collection of Serino Venetian blinds is synonymous with excellence in craftsmanship. The superior quality hardwood used in the making of these blinds is a testament to our commitment towards premium window coverings. These eco-friendly blinds are constructed with lightweight and sustainable wood, ensuring a reliable and durable option for your home or office. Their generous width of 2.7 metres makes them an ideal choice for wider openings. Choose Serino Venetian blinds for an unparalleled window covering experience. 

Parma Honeycomb Blinds

Our custom-made Parma Honeycomb blinds are expertly manufactured to suit all window sizes and enhance different window styles. These blinds are simply refined and sophisticated, giving them a perfect fit for challenging windows such as skylights, inward opening windows, and French doors. Their modern and balanced appearance make them a smart choice for any room. 

Albaro Venetian Blinds in Falmouth

Albaro Venetian Blinds in Falmouth 

The Venetian blinds from the Albaro range are a perfect blend of fashion and functionality. These simulated wood blinds are manufactured with a durable polyvinyl material that showcases the same visual appeal as authentic wood, yet with an additional level of toughness to endure daily usage and deterioration.  

Crafted entirely from PVC material, these blinds are perfect for environments that are vulnerable to dampness and water impairment. Nevertheless, their adaptability renders them appropriate for all spaces within the household, including play areas, sleeping quarters, communal spaces, and workspaces. 

The Albaro Venetian blinds we offer come with a special polymer coating that provides protection against harmful UV light. This feature helps maintain the colour of the blinds for a longer period and ensures they do not fade over time. You can choose from two different slat sizes, 50mm or 63mm, depending on your preference for light control and privacy. These blinds also come with a unique privacy slat that is patented and helps in keeping the room dark, making them ideal for nurseries and bedrooms. 

Experience the beauty and durability of our Albaro Venetian blinds in your Falmouth home.  

Albaro Venetian Blinds Safety Features

At Sunset Shutters, we take safety seriously, especially when it comes to our Albaro Venetian blinds. We understand the concerns of parents and pet owners, which is why we’ve made it a priority to adhere to the child safety standards of BS EN 13120. We also recognise that accidents can happen, which is why we’ve recently introduced a new easy-lift feature that eliminates cords. This feature provides an added level of peace of mind for those with children and pets in the home. 

These blinds not only provide a safe option for your home, but they also offer a modern and stylish design. With a simple twist of the wand, the slats can be easily adjusted to your desired height and angle. The Albaro Venetian blinds are crafted with durable materials, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. These blinds are a practical and dependable choice for any household. 

Key Features:

  • Tightest slat closure on the market
  • Patented privacy slat
  • Hardwearing and durable
  • Easy-lift available
  • 9 Solid paint finishes and 10 wood print effect finishes
  • 6 cloth tape options
  • Large slat sizes perfectly compliment shutters 

Suitable for:

  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Homes by pavements and roads requiring extra privacy
  • Coupling with existing curtains or blinds in bedrooms

Serino Venetian Blinds in Falmouth

If you’re in search of exceptional hardwood blinds that can elevate the aesthetic of your living or workspace, you’ll be pleased to know that your quest is over. Our Serino Venetian blinds are the answer you’ve been looking for! They’re designed with premium quality, eco-conscious wood that’s both strong and lightweight, making them an excellent choice for sizable areas up to 2.7 metres wide. 

These blinds offer a unique solution to control light and privacy, thanks to their patented privacy slats. Available in 50mm or 63mm options, these blinds are offered in three stunning finishes: 10 solid paint colours, 17 stained finishes, and 10 Osmo finishes that showcase the natural beauty of the wood grain with a textured effect. With these blinds, you can enjoy complete control over your environment without sacrificing style or elegance. 

In order to maximise the lifespan of your blinds, we’ve implemented a specialised coating that shields against harmful UV rays, preventing any potential sun-related deterioration or discoloration. Additionally, our custom-made approach guarantees a seamless fit for each window, so you can rest assured that the end result will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Serino Venetian Blinds Safety Features 

Ensuring the well-being of children is of utmost importance. In light of this, the Serino Venetians have been crafted to adhere to the rigorous standards of the BS EN 13120 regulations relating to child safety. However, that’s just the beginning – we’ve gone a step further by introducing a novel and sophisticated easy-lift mechanism that combines both safety and elegance. With no cords to contend with, all you need to do is raise the bottom of the blind to your preferred height and use a wand to adjust the angle of the slats. It’s a seamless solution that is perfect for any room in your home. 

Key Features:

  • Responsibly sourced hardwood
  • Patented privacy slat
  • Natural grain finish
  • Colour fade resistance and UV protective coating
  • Choose from 10 paint, 17 stain and 10 Osmo finishes
  • Choice of 16 cloth tape colours


Suitable for:

  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Homes by pavements and roads requiring extra privacy
  • Coupling with existing curtains or blinds in bedrooms

 Parma Honeycomb Blinds in Falmouth

Our range of Parma honeycomb blinds presents a variety of opacity levels for you to select from. These include sheer, light-filtering, and room darkening options, enabling you to regulate the amount of light that penetrates your space according to your preferences. 

Our fabric boasts a subtle opacity that exudes an inviting warmth, which when paired with the option of room darkening, ensures that external light is completely blocked out, guaranteeing an unparalleled level of darkness. Our honeycomb design, coupled with an insulating lining, means that our blinds are not only energy-efficient but also work to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round. 

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home by personalising your Parma blinds with a plethora of materials, colours, and flame-resistant choices to match your decor. Moreover, you have the freedom to select the direction in which you want your shades to open, granting you additional control over the illumination in your living area. 

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and modern window covering
  • 100 colour options
  • 1 year warranty
  • Cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Choice of fabric options
  • Choice of cell sizes 25 mm and 45 mm
  • Child safety features as standard
  • Integrate with our shutters
  • Energy saving 


Suitable for:

  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Homes by pavements and roads requiring extra privacy
  • Coupling with existing curtains or blinds in bedrooms
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Sunset Shutters have just finished the beautiful shutters they handmade for our living room and dining room bay windows. They were great from start to finish, very professional, tidy, and courteous. If you are looking for a trusted professional, I would highly recommend Sunset.

Joan - Exeter, Devon

Hi Will, thank you so much for the work you have done on the extension, all our shutters now match. The new guest bedroom looks great. Thank you again. From inception to install and finish, you and your team have been a pleasure to have around, and your work is top notch. All the best.

Robert - Newquay, Cornwall

We cannot recommend Will and his delightful team at Sunset Shutters enough; they have been working for us at the hotel for several years. They are always on time, professional, adhere to their quote and measure within the millimetres. Very professional service and stunning product.

Philip - Salcombe, Devon

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